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Newmarket Racecourse

In 2014 and 2015, WIDOPAN was called upon to assist in re-surfacing some areas of a rather prestigious location.

Newmarket Racecourse, often described as the headquarters of British horseracing, was a fantastic opportunity to showcase WIDOPAN’s excellent range of products.

The July Course

The Jockey Club is the largest commercial horse racing organisation in the United Kingdom.

Owning 15 of Britain’s most famous racecourses including Aintree, Cheltenham, and Epsom Downs.

They also own the Rowley Mile and July Course, situated at Newmarket.

The July Course is one of the most charming and unique racecourses in the world.

All in all a very intimate and relaxed venue.

It provides a great atmosphere, offering a terrific opportunity to get close to the horses, trainers and jockeys during the summer.

WIDOPAN products were chosen for the waterproofing and re-surfacing works, which were needed for the grandstands of this prestigious course.

The stands house restaurants & bars beneath, with multiple skylights set into the risers of the stands. “Horse for courses”, as the famous saying goes, and WIDOPAN wouldn’t disappoint.

The existing precast concrete and polysulphide mastic on the old building had started to fail.

This resulted in cracks in many areas, water ingress around the skylights, and other weak points.


The Jockey Club, Newmarket

September, 2022.

Balconies, Terraces and Walkways, Skylights, Flat Roof

Firstly, the approved contractors, Noble House Services (UK) Ltd, applied WIDOCRYL- Primer to the surface. Whilst still wet, polyester fabric mesh was laid into the primer as a reinforcement.

WIDOCRYL-PM TEN encapsulating 165G reinforcement fleece was then used as the waterproofing seal around the skylights, upstands and other details.

The rest of the surface received a self-levelling layer of WIDOCRYL-SV.

A two-component, PMMA-based resin designed for use on balconies, terraces and walkways.

Finally, the entire surface received a slip-resistant wearing course of WIDOCRYL-Topsiegel. Traffic Grey colour was selected, with Traffic Yellow used for markings on steps.

Rapid curing of this product ensures complete renovation of a balcony or terrace can be achieved in one day.

The finished result gives the grandstands a new lease of life whilst providing a secure waterproof seal and a hard-wearing, slip-resistant surface.

Another excellent example of how WIDOPAN products offer both protective and decoratively appealing surface finishes to match any surroundings.

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