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Movement Joints

A movement joint, also known as an expansion joint, is a dynamic component that is designed to relieve or absorb movement between structural elements and help prevent cracking. Such movement can be a result of thermal expansion and contraction, settlement, seismic activity, load transfer, moisture movement, chemical changes and shear movement.

WIDOPAN can provide solutions for existing floor and ceiling joints utilizing technologically advanced systems that provide maximum flexibility alongside a strong and secure waterproof seal.

Floor Joints

Joints in floor areas of warehouses, car parks, hangars, airport buildings and railway stations, are a necessary planning and implementation detail, but the quality of the finished joint is often a reason for complaints. Changes in level or large joint width are a challenge for forklift trucks to drive over. Lost cargo, stressed drivers and high wear on the vehicle are often the consequences. Also, in hospitals and the food, pharmaceutical and medical industries, the focus on intense hygiene standards is paramount.

WIDOPAN can provide the perfect solution to these problems with the WIDOCRYL-WT joint system.

WIDOCRYL-WT is specifically developed for floor movement joints in heavy load, high traffic areas and is designed toprovide a virtually seamless jointthat is possible to drive over without any vibration or noise. With WIDOCRYL-WT, existing movement joints are eliminated, and the floor surface is left smooth – removing the risk of trip hazards and deterioration associated with traditional movement joints. 

WIDOCRYL-WT is a highly flexible system that is anti-vibration and abrasion resistant.Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. WIDOCRYL-WT is also waterproof and UV-resistant. 

WIDOCRYL-WT creates a completely flush joint that is resistant to germs and mould growth, therefore hygiene standards can be achieved without compromise.

The benefits of using the WIDOCRYL-WT Joint System include less noise, faster and safe working, less wear on wheeled vehicles and forklift trucks, reduction of the risk of accidents and satisfied forklift drivers.



  • Highly flexible
  • Waterproof
  • Fully loadable after 90 minutes
  • Weather resistant and UV stable
  • Excellent elastic and crack bridging qualities
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Free from germs and mould growth
  • Temperature resistant
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Highly abrasion resistant
  • Long service life
  • Short downtimes during installation
  • Vehicle resistant and highly trafficable




Ceiling Joints

Our range of cold applied liquid waterproofing systems create a highly flexible, fully reinforced membrane that does not require the addition of movement joints, but WIDOPAN provide solutions that can easily incorporate existing expansion/movement joints. Utilizing fleece laminates and a foam cord, joints can be seamlessly incorporated into the new waterproofing membrane, creating a monolithic, crack-bridging seal that will remain flexible.