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PMMA Waterproofing System

WIDOCRYL-TEN is the perfect waterproofing solution for problematic areas such as detailing, upstands and connections where different roofing systems meet. This self-terminating, cold applied resin will adhere to practically all substrates, and in most cases without the need of a prime-coat. Fully reinforced, WIDOCRYL-TEN creates a permanently elastic, monolithic membrane that is shower-proof in as little as 15 minutes. Other applications of WIDOCRYL-TEN include the overlay of failed single-ply membranes and asbestos roofs.

The key benefits of waterproofing with WIDOCRYL-TEN are;


  • Will adhere to most substrates - often without the need of a primer
  • Application possible at -5˚C deck temperature
  • Fully bonded, monolithic system
  • Rapid curing times
  • Multitude of coloured finishes when combined with our WIDOCRYL-TOPSIEGEL product
  • No heat required



WIDOCRYL-TEN System Build Up