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Flexible Joint Compound

WIDOCRYL-WT is specifically developed for floor movement joints in heavy load, high traffic areas such as warehouses, car parks, hangars and airport buildings. With WIDOCRYL-WT, existing movement/expansion joints are eliminated, and the floor surface is left smooth – removing the risk of trip hazards and deterioration associated with traditional expansion/movement joints. WIDOCRYL-WT is a highly flexible system that creates a virtually seamless joint that is anti-vibration and abrasion resistant. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, WIDOCRYL-WT is UV and chemical resistant, highly loadable and is trafficable 90 minutes after application. When finished with WIDOCRYL-Topsiegel, the joint can be sealed with a colour of your choice.

The key benefits of WIDOCRYL-WT are;


  • Creates a virtually seamless transition of the joint.
  • UV & chemical resistant
  • Trafficable 90 minutes after application
  • Anti-vibration
  • Permanently elastic
  • Abrasion resistant & highly loadable
  • Choice of colour options when finished with WIDOCRYL-Topsiegel
  • No heat required