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Single Component PU Waterproofing System

WIDOPUR-1K is a single component product that can be applied straight from the tin without the need for mixing or preparation. Available in user-friendly 6kg tins, WIDOPUR-1K is the perfect solution for smaller areas that require a strong, flexible waterproof seal, combined with simple product application. WIDOPUR-1K is also used as a metal sealing solution for Cut Edge Corrosion projects.

The key benefits of waterproofing with WIDOPUR-1K are;


  • Single Component resin – ready to use straight from the tin
  • Adheres to most substrates, often with no prime-coat required.
  • Cold applied, wet-on-wet system
  • Flexible, reinforced system
  • Rainproof after approx. 60 mins
  • No heat required