WIDOPAN – Stone Carpet Decorative Surfacing System

WIDOPAN-Stone Carpet is a two-component decorative surfacing system, consisting of natural marble stones and a transparent 1K PU binder.
Once laid, WIDOPAN-Stone Carpet creates a seamless and porous surface that allows water to pass directly through.
Alternatively, the surface can be completely sealed if required.
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, WIDOPAN-Stone Carpet can be used for a number of applications.
Ideal for balconies and terraces, to wet rooms, staircases and even work surfaces and outdoor kitchens.

The key benefits of WIDOPAN-Stone Carpet are;


• Various colours and decorative options available
• Open pored – allows water to run through the surface
• Hard wearing, non-slip surfacing
• Cold Applied
• No heat required
Multitude of application areas include:
  •   Balconies
  •   Terraces
  •   Walkways
  •   Internal flooring
  •   Stairs
  •   Wet rooms
  •   Kitchen work surfaces and more

“WIDOPAN-Stone Carpet is suitable for a multitude of application areas.”


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