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Applciations - Flat Roofs and Podiums
WIDOPAN-FD Polyester Waterproofing System
WIDOPAN-FD is a 3 component, polyester waterproofing system based resin. Cold applied…
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WIDOCRYL-PM TEN PMMA Waterproofing System
WIDOCRYL-PM TEN PMMA is a 2 Component, Poly Methyl Methacrylate (PMMA) based waterproofing…
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WIDOSEAL-LF 1K Single Component Solvent-Free Waterproofing
WIDOSEAL-LF 1K is a single component, solvent-free waterproofing resin, suitable for…
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WIDOCRYL-Topsiegel Decorative Top Coat
WIDOCRYL-Topsiegel PM is a PMMA based cold applied resin used as a surfacing coat for…
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WIDOPAN-Stone Carpet Decorative Surfacing System
This is a unique is a 2 component decorative surfacing system, consisting of natural…
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WIDOPERL-Lightweight Polymer Screed
WIDOPERL is a lightweight polymer screed used as a levelling and filling compound for…
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WIDOCRYL-Point Fix PV Anchoring System
WIDOCRYL-Point Fix uses a unique fastening technology protected by registered design for…
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WIDOPAN-F Flexible Mastic Seal
WIDOPAN-F Flexible Mastic Seal is the perfect solution for the sealing of difficult and…
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WIDOPAN polyester fleece is used to reinforce our cold applied liquid waterproofing…
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WIDOPAN manufactures and distributes a wide range of primers suitable for application to…
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Special Applications Cold Applied Waterproofing

Special Applications with Widopan Liquid Waterproofing

WIDOPAN manufactures and distributes a wide range of products that can be used in a multitude of application areas. 

We provide solutions for external structures such as car parks, stadium terracing and grandstands, water fountains and wind turbines, through to internal areas such as wet rooms and kitchens - we have even provided a waterproofing solution for a ski jump! 

Our technical knowledge and extensive experience in liquid resins has resulted in a range of technically advanced products including a lightweight polymer screed and a unique fastening resin for PV installation.

WIDOPAN can provide solutions to all your waterproofing and surfacing needs.

  • Replace or overlaying lead roll roofs
  • Car Parks
  • Basements
  • Garages
  • Internal Flooring
  • Movement Joints
  • Swimming Pools
  • Water Fountains
  • Wet Rooms
  • Asbestos Roofs

Listed Buildings

Cold Applied Liquid Waterproofing for Listed & Religious buildings, Monuments and Architectural water features.

WIDOPAN cold applied liquid waterproofing has been used on listed buildings, churches and religious places of worship throughout Europe for over 30 years.

WIDOPAN Products have been used on many listed buildings including the prestigious Grade II* listed County Hall building in Belvedere Road, London.

On many occasions WIDOPAN has been the product of choice when overlaying existing failed lead roll roofs, as WIDOPAN is cold applied, the risk of fire is completely negated.

Mimics the Original Aged Lead Waterproofing

Once cured, the product coating finished in RAL 7043 mimics the original aged lead waterproofing, but due to the WIDOPAN extreme adhesion & tensile strength, it makes theft of the original lead covering almost impossible.

WIDOPAN also carry pre-formed lead roll profiles in various sizes to replicate lead roll roofs or even carry out sectional repairs to existing lead roofs where the original profiles have perished.

Listed Buildings - Protected By Widopan Systems

Simple Installation

Simple application methods mean installation is completed in minutes.

WIDOCRYL-Point fix is especially suitable for industrial units with lightweight flat roofs where weight loading is an issue. WIDOCRYL-Point fix has been subject to rigorous testing.

The adhesive tensile strength values far exceed the required holding forces for wind suction load (DIN 1055).

Lightweight Screed

When waterproofing flat roofs, balconies or terraces, quite often there are insufficient falls on the structure for adequate drainage. This can lead to ponding water which in turn can cause deflection in the surface and an increased risk of water ingress and damage to the fabric of the building.

A layer of cement screed laid to falls is commonly specified to provide a solution for this, but with modern roof structures increasingly incorporating terraces and roof gardens along with water-retaining green, brown and blue roof systems, the extra weight this screed layer brings can be problematic from a structural point of view.

WIDOPAN has the perfect solution for this problem with our WIDOPERL lightweight polymer screed.
WIDOPERL is used as a levelling and filling compound for roofs, balconies, terraces and other areas with an uneven surface, or where a gradient filler is required.

WIDOPERL is a rapid curing screed that can be made completely flat and “smoothed out to nothing” with a walkable wearing course achieved the same day.

Five times lighter than a conventional cement screed, WIDOPERL is particularly useful for projects where weight loading is an issue.

 “WIDOPERL is five times lighter than a conventional cement screed.”

Lightweight Screed by Widopan Being Applied

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