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WIDOPAN Training

Approved Installer Training

WIDOPAN approves all contractors to ensure the installation matches the high quality of WIDOPAN products.

Only approved contractors who have been trained in our products and systems can undertake an installation.

We approve both the contractor and the individual operatives who will perform the installation.

This is achieved by attendance of our WIDOPAN Product Training Courses, held at our Head Office in Essex.

This is followed up with on-site training and guidance where necessary, and supplementary training for new and additional products and systems.

The knowledge and experience of our Installers, backed up by the support of our team and the quality of the products will ensure a reliable, long-term liquid waterproofing system.

If you are interested in becoming an Approved Installer of WIDOPAN Products, or are looking for an Approved Contractor for your project, please contact us at

Course Details

  • Introduction to WIDOPAN
  • Learn the basics of cold-applied liquid waterproofing
  • Course focus is on WIDOPAN liquid waterproofing systems and the associated primers
  • Learn the correct mixing procedures for the products
  • Learn how to correctly install the systems – including detailing

Course Details

  • Follow on from our Liquid Waterproofing Systems course
  • Course focus is on our specialist systems such as WIDOPERL lightweight Screed, WIDOCRYL-SV Balcony System and WIDOPAN-Stone Carpet System.
  • Learn the correct mixing procedures and application methods for these systems


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