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 Product: WIDOCRYL-PM TEN PMMA Waterproofing System



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WIDOCRYL-PM TEN PMMA Waterproofing System

WIDOCRYL-PM TEN is a 2 Component, Poly Methyl Methacrylate (PMMA) based waterproofing resin.

Suitable for a multitude of application areas, its the perfect waterproofing solution for problematic areas such as detailing, upstands and penetrations.

Cold applied by brush or roller, WIDOCRYL-PM TEN will adhere to practically all substrates, and in some cases without the need of a prime-coat.

Fully reinforced with polyester fleece, this product creates a permanently elastic, monolithic membrane that is shower-proof in as little as 15 minutes.

Other useful applications include the overlay of failed single-ply membranes and the encapsulation of asbestos roofs

Key Benefits

  • No primer required for certain surfaces
  • Application possible down to -5˚C
  • Fully bonded, monolithic system
  • Easy application
  • Highly flexible
  • Rapid curing times
  • Cold applied – No heat required
  • Fully reinforced system
  • Self-terminating
  • BBA & EOTA Certified
  • Broof (T4) Fire rated

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WIDOPAN Products

WIDOCRYL-PM TEN PMMA Waterproofing System

WIDOCRYL-PM (ten) is a liquid waterproofing sealing system used to make junctions on flat roofs and similar structural components, also in combination with bitumen or singleply waterproofing.

The material basis of WIDOCRYL-PM (ten) is urethane-modified methyl methacrylate resin (PMMA), which has been made slightly thixotropic for use in the forming of details. Polyester Fleece G 165 is used to reinforce the junctions. The reinforcement determines the breaking strength and elongation at break and ensures an even layer thickness. It is matched on site to the special features of the structural component. This results in a homogeneous and crack-filling seal which is permanently elastic.

The material has an abP for waterproofing against pressing water on components which are in contact with the ground and for connections to waterproofed components. Furthermore, it can be used for waterproofing of buildings with slopes up to 90°. Thus, it is suitable for the sealing of cellar walls or foundations.

The overlap of reinforcement layers must be at least 5 cm. The overlap to other materials is to be determined for each case separately, but should not be less than 10 cm. Detail junctions and every kind of built-in parts are given reliable long-term sealing with the WIDOCRYLPM (ten) liquid waterproofing system. The material may be coloured with WIDOCRYL-Topsiegel PM to match different environments.

With the correct primers, WIDOCRYL-PM (ten) adheres to almost any substrate and the attachments are made permanently waterproof. WIDOCRYL-PM (ten) is UV stable and therefore resistant to ageing. It is resistant to roots in conformity with DIN EN 13948 (FLL guidelines). Furthermore, WIDOCRYL-Detail is resistant to burning brands and radiant heat according to DIN EN 1187, Broof (t1).

In addition, WIDOCRYL-PM (ten) is certified for resistance underneath mastic asphalt and it is Radon tight.

Further details can be found in the safety data sheet.


Urethane-modified methyl methacrylate resin


Polyester Fleece G165


approx. 2,8 kg/m² with Polyester Fleece approx. 1,5 kg/m² with Mesh Fabric

Curing with hardener (at + 20,0 °C)

Rainproof after approx. 15 min. Trafficable after approx. 30 min.

Water vapour diffusion resistance (µ)

approx. 5,150

Flammable substances class B2

Resistant to burning brands, and supplementary radiant heat according to DIN EN 1187 Broof (t1)

Basic colour

 Window grey

Packaging unit

13.00 kg, 5,00 kg

Minimum working temperature

- 5° C Temperature resistance - 30°C to + 90°C

Cleaning in fresh condition



If container is kept closed and storage temperature held constantly below + 25°C, the product may be used for up to 6 months.

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