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A Luxury Development On A Listed Building

More often than not, new residential areas are built on previously undeveloped land.

On this occasion, a Grade II historic listed building, including a former hospital, was utilised instead to create a luxury development.

With a reputation for quality, WIDOPAN was selected as the waterproofing product of choice for a number of aspects of the project.

Barnes Village, Cheadle

Building work on the Barnes Hospital building in Cheadle was originally completed in 1875. It is a prominent landmark and an example of Victorian Gothic Revival architecture.

Situated on a mount overlooking the surrounding roads, the hospital is a familiar sight to all in the local area.

In 1999, the hospital closed, and although the building was promptly listed to protect it from demolition, it unfortunately became derelict.

Almost 20 years later, the site was chosen by Henley Homes PLC for regeneration.

Barnes Village was to become a new development, creating 156 new homes on the site of the old Barnes Hospital (A Grade II listed building).

A total of 39 conversion apartments were to be built within the original hospital itself.

In the spacious grounds surrounding the hospital would stand 117 new-build, two, three and four-bedroom family homes.

WIDOPAN products were selected for a number of areas, one of which was a 360m2 concrete podium deck that was built over a car park.

In the design of this deck, architects recognised insufficient falls on the concrete slab and ponding water was a potential issue.

To resolve this problem, WIDOPERL polymer lightweight screed was utilised to create the falls.


Barnes Village, Cheadle

January, 2020.

Flat Roof, Podium,

A Perfect Job For Our Lightweight Polymer Screed

Five times lighter than a conventional cement screed, WIDOPERL met all the requirements.

Using WIDOPERL, the contractor, Henley Construction Ltd, avoided potential load bearing issues and delays due to drying times associated with traditional screeding methods.

A gradient from 90mm to 45mm was created using the WIDOPERL on either side of the concrete slab.

In addition, a central gully was made to channel the water away towards the drainage outlets.

This was then sealed and fully waterproofed using our WIDOPAN-FD system with 165G reinforcement fleece.

Landscapers would then transform the podium deck, safe in the knowledge it had sufficient drainage and a secure waterproof seal.

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Barnes Village, Cheadle,

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